Wednesday, June 26, 2013

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Hi Folks,

Just published and posted my new ebook, "Maria's Final Days" on It is my version of what happens to a fictional character, Maria after the Rapture. Maria is agoraphobic and struggles with the stress and the breakdown of society; a society where most people are numb to what has happened and where every man and woman fight for resources left behind. Maria, like many, has to find a way to live in a world that is without love and compassion.

It is a story of Christianity--the good and bad of it--and what happens to those who are left behind. With our current healthcare in disarray and world governments collapsing, the words in my book may be prophetic, true and a bit frightening.  Of course, no one knows when the end will come but there are certain predictions in the book of David and in the book of Revelations that may astound you and make you think twice about what is going on now.

Check Maria and see what you think.....

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Monday, June 24, 2013

The Problem with Ruminating

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Ruminating, the process of constantly thinking and rethinking about problems and concerns, is unnecessary and can be harmful to your physical and mental health. However, there are easy things you can do to put rumination in its place such as practicing "reverse rumination." Reverse rumination is when you replace negative and hurtful thoughts with positive, happy and uplifting thoughts.

Ruminating is often a sign that a person is obsessive-compulsive; that is, he or she is often troubled by disturbing and intrusive thoughts--thoughts that are repetitive and worrisome. For example, a person may think that he or she may need to engage in a certain ritual so that nothing bad will happen such as checking and rechecking appliances in their kitchen; to ensure that the appliances are off and that nothing bad will happen.

Ruminating can harm your Health

Ruminating can be hazardous to a person's physical and mental health because the constant thinking and rehashing of daily events may bring on unnecessary anxious and fearful thoughts and elevate their blood pressure and if the unwanted thoughts continue, also cause certain mental health problems such as depression, anxiety or possibly a bipolar condition.

What to do if you Ruminate?

However, there are things you and I can do to lessen or end rumination such as getting help from a psychologist or other mental health professional. Talking things over with someone who is qualified and who has the experience to help you with your feelings, can be rewarding and give you peace of mind. Writing down what troubles you, is another way of dealing with rumination. Often, when you see your worries in print, you can see more clearly about what is causing you to worry and that can help you solve the problems that are causing you to ruminate.

Replace those Negative Thoughts!

Another way that many have found helpful when they ruminate is to replace the negative and anxious thoughts with positive, happy and good thoughts. For instance, if you're ruminating about going to the dentist and worrying about what the dentist will find, replace that thought with something that is pleasant and positive such as an event you're looking forward to such as going to the movies or being with someone you love or looking forward to being with someone you haven't seen for awhile.
As you continue replacing negative and anxious thoughts with positive and happy ones, keep doing this for as long it takes to get rid of the worrisome thoughts. If you have to replace the negative thoughts 10, 15 or more times a day, keep doing it until the negative, ruminating thoughts are history. The more times you replace the negative thoughts with positive ones, the more you will be able to wipe out once and for all, the negative and time-consuming ruminating thoughts.

It's Easier than you Think

Remember, you can do it. You can end the ruminating thoughts for good and all you have to go is exchange the bad ruminating thoughts for the good, ruminating thoughts.
Don't settle for a life that is hounded by thoughts you don't need or want. Take charge of your thoughts and create a life that is good, hopeful and worthwhile! You can do it; all it takes is effort and a desire to feel better.

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Friday, May 31, 2013

Death can Strengthen your Faith in God

My mother at the age of 88 and suffering from Alzheimer's disease died five months ago. It was a sad and gut-wrenching end to a life that was good but also rifled at times with mental and physical illness but throughout her five to seven years of Alzheimer's I saw the glory and promises of the Lord.

You might say, "How can you say that with all of the suffering that she went through?" Yes, she did suffer, as well as some of the family but throughout her hospital and doctor visits, times of confusion and loneliness, I saw the power of God and I saw how he took care of her from day to day. She did suffer and at times and

I'm sure she wondered where God was in all of this but I feel certain from the way she acted at times, that she knew God was with her and that he would see her through.

All I want to say in this brief article is that observing how God provided for her throughout her life--especially the last four years--told me that no matter what goes on in my life and yours--good or bad--He is there always watching over us and providing us with what we need. It may not always be what we want but it will be what we need.

So, whenever life looks bleak and death looks near, God will be nearer to you--so much nearer!

God Bless,

Toni Star June 2013

Sunday, March 17, 2013

An Easter Story for you

Easter Story For Easter 2013

Jennifer was so sad; her father was dying of cancer and she wasn’t sure she was going to make it without emotionally breaking down. Her husband, Fred, was also sick and had been sick for about two weeks. She knew besides praying, that there was nothing she could do for her father but for her husband, she would continue giving him tender loving care for as long as it took. Because he was in the Heart Section of the hospital, doctors and nurses were doing everything they could to make sure he was comfortable and ready for the operation.

What made all of this hard to bear, was that Easter Sunday was only six days away and on every Easter Sunday as a child, teen and young adult, her father had always been there for her and for the last 10 years she and her husband always went to church on Easter. She prayed that her father and Fred would both be feeling better by Easter and that they could all go to church together.
Several days later, it looked like Jennifer’s Dad wasn’t going to be alive much longer. She kept praying and visiting him but he was on drugs for the pain and often didn’t know anyone was with him in the room talking with him.

It looked like this Easter Sunday was going to be a sad one and with her responsibilities of caring for both of them plus her work at a daycare center, her life was deteriorating so badly she wasn’t even sure she would be alive. The stress of the situations was taking a toll on her; her face was lined with wrinkles and her eyes were bloodshot with tears.

Then, something strange and wonderful happened. She began to feel that everything was going to work out alright. She was praying before going to work when “it” happened. As she was praying the Lord’s Prayer, she felt a comfort wash over her; almost like a warm feeling that comes when sitting and enjoying the early morning sun. She couldn’t explain it; only to say that she felt the presence of the Lord or a comforting angel. Deep inside she heard words like, “It’s going to be alright. Help is on the way. Preparations are being made. Don’t give up.”

The warm feeling remained for awhile and later she prepared for work and then visiting with her Dad and husband. Her husband’s operation was in the afternoon and so she prayed a special prayer for him. “Dear Lord, protect and be with my husband. Make sure he comes through the operation well and that good health will return to him. I need him Lord. We are so close. Please show us the way. And, also heal and protect my father and help me to do what I can to lessen his pain. Thank you, Lord.”

Later that day, she made her vigil at the hospital for her husband. The operation seemed to go on for ever but when it was finished, there was good news. “Your husband came through fine but he will have to make some changes to his diet and everyday behavior. He is free to go tomorrow. Want to keep him overnight to make sure he is strong enough to go home.”

After talking with her husband, seeing him smile and both of them sharing love for each other, she felt confident that he was going to be alright. An hour later she left and went to see how her father was doing.

As she rounded the corner to his room, she knew something was wrong. As she approached the door to his room, she could see that their family pastor was reading the Last Rites. She heard, “The Lord is my Shepherd, I shall not want….” Tears began to fall but there was a knowing inside of her that said, “It’s Dad’s time to go.” She looked at his face, saw the lines on his face smooth and calm and she could tell that he was at peace and that his pain and fear were over.”

Easter Sunday loomed bright that day and even though her husband couldn’t go with her, she felt his presence and she also felt her Dad’s presence. Over and over, she repeated the phrase, “Let not your heart be troubled; neither let it be afraid. Ye Believe in God. Believe also in me. In my Father’s house are many mansions…”

It’s a fact of life that there is a time to be born and a time to die. It’s what we do; however, in between; that is what counts!

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