Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Check out my ebook, "Maria's Final Days" on

Hi Folks,

Just published and posted my new ebook, "Maria's Final Days" on It is my version of what happens to a fictional character, Maria after the Rapture. Maria is agoraphobic and struggles with the stress and the breakdown of society; a society where most people are numb to what has happened and where every man and woman fight for resources left behind. Maria, like many, has to find a way to live in a world that is without love and compassion.

It is a story of Christianity--the good and bad of it--and what happens to those who are left behind. With our current healthcare in disarray and world governments collapsing, the words in my book may be prophetic, true and a bit frightening.  Of course, no one knows when the end will come but there are certain predictions in the book of David and in the book of Revelations that may astound you and make you think twice about what is going on now.

Check Maria and see what you think.....

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  1. that is wonderful glory be to the lord thanks for this post.
    brethren you can also check this out


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