Saturday, November 29, 2014

Freelance Writing Offer

I am a freelance writer and would like to advertise my writing. I write about business and finance subjects, health and wellness; as well as subjects that deal with mental illness and the many treatments that can help. You can contact me at (After reading this sample, be sure to read the McGreedy article below it....)

Here is a sample of my work:

A driving school website should have at least 10 elements. Keep in mind, a driving school homepage is one of the most important pages on a website. The homepage of any website, especially a driving homepage, gets most of the traffic. That is why it is important to transfer most of the traffic to the areas students and others click on for more information.

#1 Headline: the Most Important Part of a Driving School Website

In a very short time, a driving school website needs to answer, “What does this driving school website offer?” It is important to keep your headline clear and simple. Online users want a clear and attractive headline; one that will tell them exactly where they are at and what they need to do.

#2 Sub-headline: Should explain what the Website will do

A sub-headline is needed and should give a brief explanation of what the driving school website will offer for those clicking on the site. Language should be clear and concise. Show the value of the website and how the website can help those who clicked on to it.

#3 Benefits—What Benefits will an online user get from this Website?

Here you need to describe what the driving school does, why it matters to those who seek information on this site and what benefits and advantages the driving school website can give to me or my friends.