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The Problem with Ruminating

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Ruminating, the process of constantly thinking and rethinking about problems and concerns, is unnecessary and can be harmful to your physical and mental health. However, there are easy things you can do to put rumination in its place such as practicing "reverse rumination." Reverse rumination is when you replace negative and hurtful thoughts with positive, happy and uplifting thoughts.

Ruminating is often a sign that a person is obsessive-compulsive; that is, he or she is often troubled by disturbing and intrusive thoughts--thoughts that are repetitive and worrisome. For example, a person may think that he or she may need to engage in a certain ritual so that nothing bad will happen such as checking and rechecking appliances in their kitchen; to ensure that the appliances are off and that nothing bad will happen.

Ruminating can harm your Health

Ruminating can be hazardous to a person's physical and mental health because the constant thinking and rehashing of daily events may bring on unnecessary anxious and fearful thoughts and elevate their blood pressure and if the unwanted thoughts continue, also cause certain mental health problems such as depression, anxiety or possibly a bipolar condition.

What to do if you Ruminate?

However, there are things you and I can do to lessen or end rumination such as getting help from a psychologist or other mental health professional. Talking things over with someone who is qualified and who has the experience to help you with your feelings, can be rewarding and give you peace of mind. Writing down what troubles you, is another way of dealing with rumination. Often, when you see your worries in print, you can see more clearly about what is causing you to worry and that can help you solve the problems that are causing you to ruminate.

Replace those Negative Thoughts!

Another way that many have found helpful when they ruminate is to replace the negative and anxious thoughts with positive, happy and good thoughts. For instance, if you're ruminating about going to the dentist and worrying about what the dentist will find, replace that thought with something that is pleasant and positive such as an event you're looking forward to such as going to the movies or being with someone you love or looking forward to being with someone you haven't seen for awhile.
As you continue replacing negative and anxious thoughts with positive and happy ones, keep doing this for as long it takes to get rid of the worrisome thoughts. If you have to replace the negative thoughts 10, 15 or more times a day, keep doing it until the negative, ruminating thoughts are history. The more times you replace the negative thoughts with positive ones, the more you will be able to wipe out once and for all, the negative and time-consuming ruminating thoughts.

It's Easier than you Think

Remember, you can do it. You can end the ruminating thoughts for good and all you have to go is exchange the bad ruminating thoughts for the good, ruminating thoughts.
Don't settle for a life that is hounded by thoughts you don't need or want. Take charge of your thoughts and create a life that is good, hopeful and worthwhile! You can do it; all it takes is effort and a desire to feel better.

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