Saturday, November 12, 2016

Preamble to the below post on Grandma, me and Thanksgiving

This is a poem I wrote about my grandma years ago. The words and feelings about grandma still reign in my heart:

What is it about Grandma that I cannot forget?
I'm over 50 and much wiser now.
You'd think life would diminish the sweet, sad memories,
And yet, I can't forget.

I still remember the night we sang "Silent Night" together.
She was fifty-five, gray and I was seven.
It was such a peaceful night and snow began to fall.
We were so happy then. Where did the time go?

Grandma is gone now but her love remains within me.
She cared so much, gave so much; her talents were always present.
Memories of dinners flash by, the smell of pies baking.
And always her love of life shining, no matter how good or bad things were.

Life without Grandma is hard; she taught me so much.
She taught me how to cut hair, cook and bake delicious food.
Proper manners and dialogue, too.
In my mind she left a legacy of life and goodness.

That is why I cannot forget Grandma.

Originally published in 1980

Copyright Toni Star 2016

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