Thursday, October 1, 2015

What to do when you feel that your life is out of Control?

Every one on this earth, be they woman or man, has times in their life when their lives feel out of control. Feeling out of control or feeling that no one cares, is terrible; however, there are steps you can take that will help get you back on track such as: taking time to read the Bible every day, praying throughout the day, talking with someone you trust. But, more than anything, one of the very first steps to take is to talk with God.

You see, some of us are not sure that there is a God or if He is listening. Of course, this can be dispelled by reading the Bible, particularly the book of John. God word is especially meaningful in the New Testament. His love for us is clear and His love goes deeper than any love you will find on earth.

There is a section in Rick Warren's book, "The Purpose Driven Life," that I would like to share with you. I read this passage every night; especially when I feel alone, fearful and needing God's help. The passage goes like this: "Regardless of circumstances and how you feel, hang on to God's unchanging character. Remind yourself what you know to be eternally true about God: He is good, he loves me, he is with me, he knows what I'm going through, he cares, and he has a good plan for my life." Another passage in the book is about Job and how his life fell apart. Job still found things he could praise God for:

"That he is good and loving.
That he is all-powerful.
That he notices every detail of my life.
That he is in control.
That he has a plan for my life.
That he will save me."

So whenever you feel fearful that your life is out of control, turn to God first, pray to Him and confide in someone you can trust but always remember, you are never alone!

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