Sunday, August 30, 2015

God will take you Through the Twists and Turns

I  got this in my email from Mountain Wings not long ago and wanted to share it on my blog. It is called the Twisty Path. Everyone on this earth has "twisty paths" and sometimes we wonder why are we going through such trying times. I often wonder, especially when I go through medical situations that try my soul and I'm sure at times, tries the patience of my husband and close friends. But like the characters illustrated in the below story, I know deep in my heart that God will reveal to me the lessons of these trials and be with me no matter what happens. I know this because I have felt His presence every time.

So, as this article states, "stay on the straight and narrow" and He will bring you  through. It may get darn right hard and scary but you won't go through the difficult times alone!

God Bless and enjoy the following story from Mountain Wings:

The Twisty Path

"Name one person in the Bible who had a simple life without
twists," I asked Puddin (my wife).

Puddin was responding to a major change that we were making in
buying a house. We were moving to an entirely different
neighborhood and not building on the property that we bought.

It was a Divine direction that I was absolutely sure about.

"Why does life have to be so twisty and why can't God just make
it simple?" was Puddin's question. It was a very good question.

I had already asked God that question.

Thus, my response, name one person whose life had any written
detail in the Bible where it was simple and clear-cut.

"John," Puddin said.

"John!!!" I replied.

John lived in the wilderness eating bugs and honey.
Puddin would have undoubtedly considered locusts bugs.

"How many grasshoppers could you eat?" I asked Puddin.
I am sure many considered John crazy because his behavior and
lifestyle were so far from the norm.

Then there was John's father Zacharias whom God made unable to
speak because he didn't believe the angel about John.
Both Zacharias and his wife Elizabeth were old,
and he just didn't believe.

Finally, John was imprisoned then he had his head cut off.
Yet Jesus said there had been none greater than John.
Don't you think John thought his path was twisty at times?

I often wonder why couldn't life be simpler.
Why couldn't all revelation be straightforward.
Why does stuff have to be cryptic?
Why the twists and turns.

Although I wonder, God has always brought us through.
Right on time, in right order, and learning the right lessons.

God will take you through the twists and turns,
if you stay on the straight and narrow.


  1. So true and such a good reminder. Dropping by from Coffee for your Heart ... thank you for sharing this. :)


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