Sunday, January 13, 2013

2013: Another Brand New Year!

Well, here it is again! Another new year and with the beginning of another year, I am not going to resolve to do this or that differently but what I am going to do is give thought to making my life more enjoyable and by that I mean, I am going to take more time for me.

So, what you might ask, are the ways in which I will take more time for me? Well, happy you asked that question. Here are some things I'm thinking about doing:

  1. I am going to take more time to walk and think about how to make each day better and more fulfilling.
  2. I am going to take time to keep my appearance in better shape; such as my hair, makeup and wearing clothes that look good on me.
  3. Most of all, I am going to take time to rest--which is something I rarely do.
  4. But, before all of these things I am going to turn to God first in all matters and when I forget to do this, I am going to return to the Bible and seek repentance and guidance.
You might ask, "Why are you doing all of this? Is there a reason or an event that brought this on?" My answer is yes, there is. My mom recently died and before she died she suffered from Alzheimer's and watching her regress has impacted my mind and heart on what is most important in life.

To me, what is most important in my life are: God, Jesus, living a Christian life and of course, my wonderful husband. Death, when you actually see the dying process, does something to your heart, mind and soul and if it doesn't, give serious thought to your soul.

Life is precious and has many opportunities for goodness and in some cases, magnificent acts of courage, productivity and greatness.

So, I say to any and all who read this post, live your life fully, happily and stay close to God because life is short and in an instant, you and I will be gone!

I leave you with a couple of true words, "Seek ye first the kingdom of God and all else will be added unto you."

Toni Star

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